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Since July 2013 Pierre dances for Rambert (formerly known as Rambert Dance Company).
He previously worked for the Richard Alston Dance Company for seven years. During his career with Richard Alston, he has danced in;
Proverb, Red Run, About Face, Volumina, Fingerprint, Brink, Nigredo, Stealing poison, Gypsy Mixture, Shuffle It Right, Body and soul, No more ghost, Blow Over, Movements from Petrushka, Out of the strong, To Dance and Skylark, Overdrive, Alert, Light Flooding into Darkened rooms, Overdrive, Forest, Lie Of the Land, Unfinished business, Roughcut, Early days, In Memory, Devil in the detail, Shimmer, Madcap, Darkness Visible and Lachrymae.