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Pierre is a great believer in the fact that every teacher has some integral concepts to offer. Our challenge as students or professional dancers taking class is to embrace the moment to later observe what we have learned.

Throughout his career, Pierre experienced many teachers, both Contemporary Dance teachers and Ballet teachers, in England, France and the United States. Every single one of them made an important contribution to Pierre’s own development as a dancer but also as a teacher. By way of analyzing their methods of teaching, Pierre built up his own teaching method and technique, always looking for a more efficient way, a new angle and an innate approach.
During his career, Pierre discovered the benefits of other movement based techniques such as Floor Barre (©Zina Romette), Girotonic (©Juliu Horvath) and Yoga. To ensure that dancers get the most out of the class, Pierre is continuously working on the development of classes that integrate concepts inspired by those different methods.

Pierre has taught class for the London Contemporary Dance School, the Richard Alston Dance Company, the Essential Alston Workshop Program in the United Kingdom and the USA. Furthermore he is a regular teacher at the Center for Advance Training at The Place and teaches seasonal workshops in France, including ballet and contemporary class. He teaches all age groups: from students aged ten years and younger to teenagers and adults and professional dancers.

As Pierre is bilingual he can teach his classes in English and French alike.
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